My SPM..

By Sarah - March 04, 2016

Hey everbodyy.. so sorry for not updating my blog. i've been so busy before and yesterday my spm result just release.. i don't even have mood to do anything yesterday.

well my result is not excellent yet not bad / i think it is bad actually.. it's way too far from my target.. (i target for 6A's) but naaah naah spm is so cruel. However i'm so so thankful..i'm more thankful than sad..

I'm thankful but it is hard to be accepted by parents which make me feel low. soo low.. feel like my world is too dark. but i never lost hope. i keep on praying to be given another chance so that i can prove i can do better.. i just i.. i don't know..

in the same times there a few people who keep on supporting me, they advice me, they cheer me up.. i'm so grateful.. without them i probably gave up.. i just don't know how to thanks them.. at this moment i realize who is real friend and who isn't. some people who claimed as my "bestfriend" just ignored me when i got my result. maybe they are better than me. it's okay i'll still pray for you.. Allah know the best.

Well, for Spm candidates 2016. you need to be prepared 100% no not really 200%. it is not too late but please do something if you want to get good results.. you feel like you can do your spm well but your result betray you. i swear.. and spm is not easy. NOT EASY OKAYY! those people get straight A's are not human okay.. and please. if you are a muslim. please never forget to seek help from Allah.. keep on praying and never lose hope..

so yeah i think that's all i will improve myself in future- InsyaAllah... this is one of the biggest mistakes i have done but i will learn from my mistakes..

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  1. Hi awak, Insha Allah nanti ada rezeki awak. Saya pun macam situasi awk. Apa apa pun sentiasa berdoa! :D :D :D

  2. yup,one of my 'bestfriends' that got straight As doesnt even look for me after received her haha, its okay lah. cheer up ! congrats for anything u get. you have done ur best :))

  3. thank you girls. i really appreciate your words.. it's help me.. ^^

  4. insyaAllah semuanya akan ok.
    akak dulu masa spm sangat lah leka dan pemalas hingga teruk gile result spm huhuhuhu. tp it's not the end! akak dpt kepujian dekan every semester masa kat U... janji kita jangan putus asa.. semuanya insyaAllah akan jadi lebih baik.... fighting!!!^^

  5. @Najwa H. insyallahh kak~!! i will try my best jd cm kak hehe

  6. stay strong, sis. It's not the end. Semua orang buat silap dan kita belajar dari kesilapan :)