Kpop: Brave girl- Deepened /Review

By Sarah - February 26, 2016

Helloo beautiful humanss~ it's time for kpop section again. I'm going to review Brave girl new song "Deepened" first of all i don't  know brave girl at all.. I never heard of them before but since last week i've been watching Music Bank and i saw their performance.. well- i don't stan girl groups that much because i love my oppas hahaha..

Basically Brave Girl was debut in 2011.. well that time i focus too much on Boyfriend and B1A4 /flips hair. haha They was debut under Brave entertainment which i'm quite surprise because they was produce by Brave brothers.. brave brothers have produce a lot of nice songs yet i don't know Brave girl.

Let's check the MV!!!

-The song is soo pretty. I don't know what does the song means but somehow it sounds like sad songs / break up songs. I surely turn this song if i'm in the mood of sad songs~ Sadly this group is so underrated. 

Music Video: 
- I have nothing to say about the MV because it's look normal to me~  They all look so sad and fierce(?) in the Mv. 

Some screenshot~

I love their choreography the most~ i watch their live performance and it's beautipuuuulll~ The Mv look a bit sexyy too much sexiness but their performance isn't that sexy which i like itt  (insert heart emoji)

I guess that's all peoplee~ make sure to check them out and tell me what you think about this song~ /winks

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