Sadness can be cure

By Sarah - February 21, 2016

Hello hoomans~ so today i want to share with you guys how to be happy and get rid all of your sadness.. (before that, i'm sorry for my broken english)

as a human we have feelings, we can be happy, we can be mad and we can be sad. But do you really want to feel sad all the time? So let me give you some tips so you can be happy and keep positive

1. Crying

when you were very sad and you feel like crying, don't stop.. go on.. crying can make us feel better. well a lot better.. 

2. Tell someone

you can't hold your sadness alone you need to share with someone who you can believe. When you share your problem or anything that makes you sad you'll feel slightly better. if you don't have anyone to believe just write your thought in your diary.. but sharing with someone else is a lot better~ they can hugs you and make you comfortable. Just don't be sad alone... 

3. Think Positive

When you were sad you can't think straight you keep thinking negative stuff.. you keep asking "Why?" "Why is this happen?" "why can't they love me?" and more why.. well you need to remember everything happens for a reasons. you maybe sad now but not in future.. 

4. Entertain Yourself

After you done crying and telling someone.. You need to entertain yourself..Find something fun to do.. for me, i will listen to music or watch korean variety show.. if you have no idea what to do let me suggest.. /shopping,singing,dancing,eat and more.. 

 5. Sleep

You can't think positive , entertain yourself or tell someone.. all you can do is crying.. you keep on crying and can't move on.. Stop crying and sleep or maybe you can sleep while crying.. just close your eyes.. when you sleep, you'll relax yourself as you wake up you'll feel better~

Well, I hope those 5 things will be helpful..  Every one deserve to be happy.. and without sadness joy may not be exist /i hope you got it. haha

"You can't have a Rainbow without a little Rain

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