Contact Lens or Spectacles?

By Sarah - February 24, 2016

Helloo~ ladies and gentleman.. so today i'm going to share with you guys my experience on wearing contact lens and spectacles..

credit to owner on weheartit/ lol

 Before i tried lenses i'm scared af. I thought i'll be hating on them a lot... but my friends do change my mind.. They keep talking about contact lens which make me curious more curious and soooo curious.. One fine day, after school finish i went to a mall with my mum. then i saw a promotion on contact lenses at the eyewear shop. I didn't plan to buy them but i just bought the contact lenses on that day.. so the worker(?) teach me how to put on and take off , how to clean my contact lenses.. so yeah that's the beginning of me wearing contact lenses / i wear a clear contact lens no color~

Why i love spectacles?
- spectacles is easy to take care. i mean you don't to clean them with solution, you can put them anywhere

- spectacles have nice frame /if you choose wisely xD

- I think i'm cute having them on my face /ngehehehe kidding.

Why i love lenses?
- You can see everything in HD. haha kidding i can see better with contact lenses i swear.

- It's is comfortable.. /having a freedom of nothing resting on my nose lol

- Lenses won't get dirty as spectacles..

- People can see my eye makeup better~

Why i hate spectacles?
- MY SPECTACLES WANNA PLAY HIDE AND SEEK!!! everytime i woke up in the morning i don't know where i put them. it's annoy meeeee haha

- The glasses easily get dirty (e.e) finger print is everywhere

- I feel like my eyes in the cage. i didn't have wide vision /lol.

- foggy glasses. this annoy me the most!! i can't enjoy my hot coffee -.-

- wearing 3-D Glasses on cinema with spectacles on. HUGE HEADACHE!

- They are sooo fragile.

- People won't notice my eye makeup~ the frame is disturbing lol

- i just hate them. okay.

Why i hate lenses?
- Taking them off. ugh i hate this the most!!

- While putting on, it suddenly drop off and you can't find them.. /cries

- Scared of falling asleep.. it might stuck on the eyeball. but so far so good / i slept for an hour it still fine.

- Confusion. i sometimes confuse either i'm having them or not / lol

- need to keep blinking so it won't get dry u.u

- Going on vacation and forget to bring the solution or case

Basically, I hate lenses and spectacles more than i love them.. and i envy those people who doesn't need them. I personally love lenses moreee~ so yeahhh that's all i think this will help you to decide whether to put on lenses or glasses..

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  1. Kite pun pakai lens. Saaaaaangat suka pakai lens compared to specs sbb leceh kalau keluar. Kalau kat umah memang pakai specs. Takpun hari hari yang malas nak bersiap keluar, bantai p lah pakai specs pun. Dah rabun nak buat macam mana. Hehehe :)

  2. @Fairuz Aqilah
    a'ah agree disebabkan rabun kita bantai ja hahahari rajin berguna la lens tu

  3. saya still pakai spec since that mum tak bagi pakai lenses, dia takut nanti something jadi en? btw nak tanya, pedih tak eyeballs pakai lenses tu? hehe

  4. Hurm , I'm not brave enough to weared A Contact lense . My friends really like it alot especially my females friends , and they also make a collection very unique kind of styles and colour . They recomended me to wear it but still "naahh" . haha . Last weeks my university had a promotions singapore eye day lead by Owndays company, they had special offered for contact lense , but I still buy "spectacles" eventhough it's only 5% off about 250 dollar . So it's quite affordable price to me . So I ask them "which one is the best contact lense" and the manager told me they had a "grade" . What ! haha The cheap one and also they have an Expensive one .. Of course the expensive one the quality is better than the cheap one . After all that explanations , now I have a second thoughts about it . Should I tried ? I have many opinions but yet , I'm still stucks in the middle . Weeeee . nice post btw

  5. @Typical Byun actually sarah pun takut nak pakai ye la mcm mcm kes baca..but after dikaji bagai.. ada la skit rasa berani so i try la.. pakai lens tak pedih pun cuma x selesa kalau 1st time pakai.. mata akan jdi pedih kalau lens tu dh terlalu kotor or kita pakai terkalih.

  6. @ Syamsid Dhuha .. i was afraid as well at first. like very very very scared i took about 1 hour to put in my eyes. until workers mcm dah boring tunggu haha. if you want to try you should buy at spectacle's shop.. lebih terjamin.. i should try for few months if you hate it don't continue ^^