Contact Lens or Spectacles?
posted by Sarah February 24, 2016 6 comments
Helloo~ ladies and gentleman.. so today i'm going to share with you guys my experience on wearing contact lens and spectacles..

credit to owner on weheartit/ lol

 Before i tried lenses i'm scared af. I thought i'll be hating on them a lot... but my friends do change my mind.. They keep talking about contact lens which make me curious more curious and soooo curious.. One fine day, after school finish i went to a mall with my mum. then i saw a promotion on contact lenses at the eyewear shop. I didn't plan to buy them but i just bought the contact lenses on that day.. so the worker(?) teach me how to put on and take off , how to clean my contact lenses.. so yeah that's the beginning of me wearing contact lenses / i wear a clear contact lens no color~

Why i love spectacles?
- spectacles is easy to take care. i mean you don't to clean them with solution, you can put them anywhere

- spectacles have nice frame /if you choose wisely xD

- I think i'm cute having them on my face /ngehehehe kidding.

Why i love lenses?
- You can see everything in HD. haha kidding i can see better with contact lenses i swear.

- It's is comfortable.. /having a freedom of nothing resting on my nose lol

- Lenses won't get dirty as spectacles..

- People can see my eye makeup better~

Why i hate spectacles?
- MY SPECTACLES WANNA PLAY HIDE AND SEEK!!! everytime i woke up in the morning i don't know where i put them. it's annoy meeeee haha

- The glasses easily get dirty (e.e) finger print is everywhere

- I feel like my eyes in the cage. i didn't have wide vision /lol.

- foggy glasses. this annoy me the most!! i can't enjoy my hot coffee -.-

- wearing 3-D Glasses on cinema with spectacles on. HUGE HEADACHE!

- They are sooo fragile.

- People won't notice my eye makeup~ the frame is disturbing lol

- i just hate them. okay.

Why i hate lenses?
- Taking them off. ugh i hate this the most!!

- While putting on, it suddenly drop off and you can't find them.. /cries

- Scared of falling asleep.. it might stuck on the eyeball. but so far so good / i slept for an hour it still fine.

- Confusion. i sometimes confuse either i'm having them or not / lol

- need to keep blinking so it won't get dry u.u

- Going on vacation and forget to bring the solution or case

Basically, I hate lenses and spectacles more than i love them.. and i envy those people who doesn't need them. I personally love lenses moreee~ so yeahhh that's all i think this will help you to decide whether to put on lenses or glasses..


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