Kpop : Recent comeback (feb 2016)

By Sarah - February 21, 2016

Hellooo kpop peoplee~ haha. so it's me sarah the alien./lol. this is my 1st entry for kpop section. so i will tell you guys the recent comeback of kpop idol/groups on february 2016.

so let's start.. i'll be listing 5 groups/idol who make comeback in february and make sure you guys check them out!

1. 4Minute- Hate

Their MV and songs has been released on Jan 31 but the comeback stage is on february so it is still february /lol. you guys need to check this awesome song- Hate.. Hate song has been produce by American Music producer/ Dj - Skrillex.. i'm quite dissapointed by the view and chart.. korean fans didn't show interest on their comeback.

2. Winner- Sentimental / Baby baby

Winner came out with mini album EXIT.. 'Baby baby' and 'Sentimental' has been written by WINNER members themselves. i have nothing to say because both of their song was very good!

3. SS301- Pain

SS301 which is SS501 sub unit has make a comeback with the song "Pain". The Mv was released on 15 feb.. I personally love this song because the song reminds me to kpop song during 2010-2012. However i'm really dissapointed again by kpop fans.. SS501 was a legend / old boys group but their popularity is decreasing. 

4. Rainbow- Whoo

DSP girl group - Rainbow who was debut on 2009 has make a comeback on february 2016. the tittle of the song is "Whoo".Their Mv was released on 14 feb.. the song is is fun and easy to sing a long.. they should have gain more popularity by now..

5. Nu'est- Overcome

Nu'est has debuted under Pledis ent. is having a comeback on february 2016. Their mv has been released on 16 february.. their song is really nice~ everyone should have listen to them..and minhyun (my bias) is veryyy hooott with blonde hair haha.. 

so yeah that 5 groups which i think i need to give a review haha.. there are more groups/idol making comeback on february.. Taemin , Mamamoo , Taeyeon, Aoa Cream (Aoa sub-unit debut), BAP and moree~

make sure you people check them out~ byee

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