Photoshoot Experiences

November 08, 2018

Assalamualaikum and hi people, last entry has been so emotional and i can't even move on. So, i decided to make another entry to move on.

cr. unsplash

If you people follow my instagram or my youtube channel you guys must be aware that i went to a photoshoot session with Zalora. If you don't make your time to watch my vlog okay?

If you guys don't know yet, I'm a contributor on Zalora Thread Magazine. Basically it is an online magazine with a lot of information. On my blog i post so much random and kind of useless thing to share with but on that page i share more information and knowledgeable articles. So make a way to my articles there or any other articles cause you can get a lot from there.

So, i went to the photo shoot not as a model. There is no way i can be a model, not even for plus size hahaha. I went there as one of the contributor, basically that photo shoot is for my profile. Being in a photo shoot session is one of my childhood dream and it became true. I once dream to be a model okayyy haha.

I went there all the way from muadzam shah so it's kinda far tho. I was suppose to be there at 2.30 p.m but i arrived at 3.00 p.m luckily i'm not the last person to arrive. If you guys don't know me in real, i'm that kind of person that can't be late. I will always be few minutes early or on time. So, i feel like uh i feel so annoyed when i'm late haha. So when i arrived, they put on simple and express makeup. I never let someone else put on makeup on me. It freak me out hahaha when the makeup artist did touch my face haha.

They gave me 2 outfit one black and one white. The black outfit is not really my usual style but the white outfit is not much different with my style. My outfit given is rather casual than the other contributor. I kinda love my black outfit cause i never try that kind of style and white outfit actually annoyed me a little because i'm fatttt and white didn't go well with fat person. But i think i did a pretty good job. I get a lot of nice word from the photographer so i think it is a good sign.

From the session i did learn something that i can use in my daily life.
  1. Be bold. You need to be bold for yourself look great on photo, same goes with my life i need to be bold to do what i love to do and never be scared of my passion 
  2.  Try something new. You got to try lot of pose for your photo and so your life trying something new will not be bad and you will find your best pose if you try. 
  3. I also learn how to work with people and polish my communication skills cause i meet new different people there.
  4. Lastly, fight for your dream. I'm not sure why but it gave me that feel. I always wanted to be on photo shoot and i got a chance because my blog. because my writing passion. It feels great. It feel like i reach another achievement in my life.
So, i think that is all i want to share for this entry. The photo is not out yet so i cannot share with you guys yet. See you soon in next entry, have a great day ahead :)))


I'm feeling better

November 06, 2018

cr. weheartit

Hi, I'm back again with another entry. Well i know that i don't have any readers anymore because of my irregular schedule of updating. Anyways hi everyone, hi to whoever read this. If you read this leave your message to me la haha.

If you already keep up with my story in this blog. you probably notice that i'm going through some stuff. I've been so negative. I'm tired. I'm stressed out. To be honest.. till today i'm still going through the same thing but i feel a lot better.

I want to share with you guys how i feel last time and how i can feel better maybe this might help some of you out there especially my friends. I'm here to help you a little.

I was down and feeling depress and stress i cried every night because something did happen to me. i won't tell why but i literally feel like i was such a failure and my life is dark. Nothing seems bright to me. So when i started a new semester it get worse. I start to cry every time i need to go to class or if i don't cry i will start sweating, my heart beat fast. I'm nervous and i was scared. I was scared of everything that might happen in  the class. I can't focus in class.  Every night before i sleep i'll just shed my tears hoping tomorrow will be better but it doesn't get any better.

Until.. i was called to go to a program. At first, i tried to find thousands of reason to not going there. I thought that i need to go there because i'm a failure, i'm a problematic student. That is how i truly feel. But i can't find any valid reasons and i just take a deep breath and go with so much negative perception about that program.

I was wrong that program is not for problematic person not for a failure person but in fact, that program wakes me up. It open my eyes. They help me to find back reasons why i need to stay strong why i need to struggles why and how i can do better. They never blame me for making a mistake. But they convince me that amazing humans made mistakes. Amazing people come through failure.

Friends, i have lost my dream. I have no will to go through my life. I almost gave up. Life seems so hard to me. If you ever feel what i have feel.. I just want to tell you that, it's okay to make mistakes. Yes people will blame you, people will say bad thing about you. But remember, it's your life. You are the one who need to shape your life. It's your airplane! You are the pilot! Find your own happiness, forget all those people. Real friends, will fly besides you together. When you fall, they help you to get up. If there is nobody around you to do that. Nobody deserve you because you are amazing, you are great person. You have yourself! you are not a failure you just make a mistakes and we learnt from mistakes.

Problems will always find their way to see you but you need to be strong for each problem you are facing. You are not alone.. Believe me you are not alone.. There will always be someone to be by your side. You know i cried making this post.. I remember those pains i felt. It hurts.. so bad. I was all alone at that time. I didn't reach my friends or anyone for help because i was embarrassed of my self. You should reach out to someone. Everyone has their struggles don't be embarrassed of yourself.. If you need some help, i will be there to listen just find me. I will try to help you.

That's all for today's post. I hope you guys have an amazing day. Stay happy and be positive for a better days. bye


Thought that i want to share

October 12, 2018

Hi guys, It seems like i cannot find and good topic to share with you. I'm thinking to do songs, drama review again but i don't feel like doing it again soon i don't know why.. But for now i would like to share my random thought about life.

I have been in bad days i have been a good days.. i wonder what really make my good day good and what make my bad day bad. i just don't understand but i can feel it. Does this make sense? okay whatever.. i feel like life is going too fast, it's already October. what have i done past 10 month? i don't know either. When life going to fast i just feel like i wanna pause for awhile and take a breath a deep breath. life is so harsh. But it is reality you need to face it despite how much you actually hate it.

When life isn't going my way i feel my life has ruin.. it makes me sad and depress. But i realize how there will always someone to be by your side and listen to you, support you. it just myself.. it's me who don't want to speak up, it's me who don't want to accept the reality. it's me who wish everything is a fantasy. It is so hard to be someone who is outside of the box, someone who is unique, someone who has great achievement. I always want to be normal but nowadays.. everyone is racing to be number one.. too many smart people in the world. what special about being smart anymore?

I'm just someone who have a lot of love to give but why do i receive too little? i feel like no one is actually appreciating me. I try my best to do everything but none has worked. i'm tired.

I think this is it that i want to share.. you guys probably won't even bother to read this but i don't care haha. i'm sorry guys i feel like my life principle can't be use anymore so sorry there's lots of negativity on this blog at the moment. i will comeback as happy-go-lucky sarah again maybe.. maybe one day.. i don't know.. so see ya around.


Seventeen Ideal Cut in Kuala Lumpur experience

October 05, 2018

Hey guyss~ i would like to share my experience going to my first ever kpop concert.. it has been few weeks already.. i make a vlog on my yt channel.. if you haven't watch it yet.. go watch NOW!!

In my video i can't really talk a lot.. so here i will rant and share everything that i went through on that day.. I'm having Post Concert Depression (PCD) real bad.

The concert was held at MIECC hall beside The Mines mall. We arrived there probably at 1 p.m. I was mind blown when some of carats were there since 9 a.m like.. i'm amazed bruh. After arrived i went for freebies hunting.. i don't get a lots of freebies because i was kinda "late". There is so few of Lee Chan's freebies i'm upsettt. i got one Lee Chan's photocard... i'm sed.

So, after freebies hunting at The Mines mall me and my friend went back to the hall area and just walking through the stall that sold lots of seventeen merchandise. I didn't buy any because i was hella broke... i have another story of being broke af.. so not gonna tell you guys here.. so i just cried in my heart bcs i want carat bong and other merch.. my broke purse can't relate with other carat.

After i died a lil after can't bring those merch i just sat on the stairs waiting to be called in. They said at 4 p.m CAT3 zone (which is my zone and it's freaking far from stage) but the organizer failed us.. carat is mad and sad.. even CAT2 hasn't entered yet.. until.. idk 5.30 p.m or something than only they allowed us to enter. While waiting to enter the hall, i was interviewed by hehe you guys can check it out.. wait let me put the video here

I did well right? haha i was the girl in blue shirt, pink shawl and a cap on stairs..

Now, the most amazing part. When they come out on the stage with intro and they sing Highlight, i cried.. everyone was screaming their lungs out, i was just froze there and cried.. it was so unreal even my seat is freakin far from stage i still can see them! Lee chan a.k.a Dino is sooo cute his voice is cute like it was so unreal hahaha everything about him is cute.. On their first ment, Hoshi called himself a princess.. i can't he is just too silly.. he was so hyper an he is so caring. Hoshi kept on mentioning carats on the back seats (which is my zone) until their last ment. 

Dino talked a lot. In most of their variety show Lee Chan didn't really have lots of screen time and he seem kinda quiet type of guy but it was total opposite on the day. He just talk non stop, he talk after each members talk. I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM MORE! Dino and seungkwan having rap battle, dance battle and dino did win i mean well my boii you did well hahaha. it was so fun, they are so funny and playful. I fall in love with each of them more and more! 

They have units performance. I was speechless on hiphop unit's performances.. it was amazing i have no words to describe! Next, vocal unit.. i kinda save my energy while they are performing because their voice was real and amazing and and wonderful, it's ballad anyways so i really save my energy for performance unit. Performance unit has been my fav all of the time, when they come out on stage they act cute and i died again! LEE CHAN JUST STAB MY HEART! I really wish i have that video. I am a huuugggeee fan of performance team so i scream my lungs out since the songs they perform are  my top fav song from performance team.

Other performance are fun and exciting as well.. until their encore stage. Before their encore stage we are suppose to sing "campfire" song since it is our fan project but it was a failed bcs lots of carats were not informed.. but on their last ment each of carat rise up our banner/slogan and their reaction on the slogan were so warm and touching. They said they will comeback and the slogan make them want to comeback more! It was wonderful i can't describe the feeling

The slogan that i said before.

Fast Track Event is the organizer of Ideal Cut in KL and Singapore, Their security is strict as hweeellll. They are on each angle of the hall haha.. Some of us manage to record.. i don't know how they did. 

I have this thought before.. "Why waste money go to concert and sit at the back when you can watch on youtube and see them up close" i got the answer now.. Not everything about svt is showed on youtube hiphop unit even perform an unreleased song. you cannot hear it anywhere else.. Overall, the concert is amazing i cried, i laugh, i smile, i scream haha.. so yea guys that is all for this long entry.. been awhile since i post a longggg entry.. so bye bye see ya in next post

Being so unproductive.

October 05, 2018

Hey guys.. been awhile, it is soooo long since my last update. However, i'm back.. yes people sarah is back.

I'm not even sure if people will read my blog anymore..but still i just wanna share my hearts out. Blog has been my diaries for years. i try to be "professional blogger" but nah never happen i just come back with more stories of mine. /like who even interested in my life. right?

So, i think i've been in a worst period of my life ever. I was so unproductive and unmotivated.. I don't enjoy writings anymore.. whenever i want to start writing again i feel like it is a burden. I think i was so stressed out with my college life. I really hate my college life.. i know it is not a good thing to share but still... college is so.... heartbreaking and kind of ruining my life. um sorry for too much negativity. 

I tried to do youtube videos... well i still upload on my channel... but now i realised that blog post are much more easier than youtube..but maybe i just toooo thirsty for attention that i abandoned my precious blog.. because people don't really read this type of blog anymore. Youtube need a lot of energy, time, money and idk everything.. i feel more comfortable writing blogs it is just so warm and it feels like home hahaha.

If you guys don't know yet.. i've been offer to be contributer on ZALORA THREAD yea i wrote like 2 articles there then i kind of pause because i was so... idk i feel like i was in the dark past few months.. but now zalora thread offer me again as existing writer to write more and get paid... i was stoned atm bcs i was unprofessional af for not writing and yet they gave me another chance... and i decide i will work hard.. if college is doing me dirty, writings will shine on me. just sayin.. accounting is hard. i died a lil..

Now I'm gonna use this opportunity wisely, i will establish my name as freelance writer on zalora thread.. Insyallah.. and maybe soon enough i will be writing for more magazines... This is it... some boring stuff to share with you all... till see you again on another post.


Mascara for beginners

August 13, 2017

Hello there welcome back to my blog, so it's been awhile yeah haha. so for today's post i would like to share few tips on how to apply mascara for beginners.

Mascara is the most important thing in doing makeup.. applying mascara can make your eyes look bigger and you loom prettier *winks  

1. so first thing you gonna do is find the right mascara~ mascara comes with different shades but mostly it's black and different mascara has different function.. example: thickens your eyelash, make your eyelash longer etc. i personally have more than 2 mascara because you gotta put on based on your mood haha.

2. next after you grab your fav mascara curl up your lashes girl~ curl them up. if you don't know how the curler looks like look at the image below :)

Image result for curler mascara

3. now.. open your mascara cap.. (bismillah dulu) when you pull out the wand the product will already be there.. so what you gonna do is place the wand on your eyelash based and pull slowly to the end of your lashes.

you gotta be careful while applying on mascara because the product can transfer to your eyelid or under you eyes if that happen.. grab a cotton bud and wipe it off. okay?

laaasstt but not least,, don't cry for boys when you have your mascara on because.....

so that's all.. if you have any question comment on the comment section or on the cbox okay~ and maybe i will update about my fav mascara in future~  see yaaaaa

Online bus ticket

July 07, 2017

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