Mascara for beginners
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Hello there welcome back to my blog, so it's been awhile yeah haha. so for today's post i would like to share few tips on how to apply mascara for beginners.

Mascara is the most important thing in doing makeup.. applying mascara can make your eyes look bigger and you loom prettier *winks  

1. so first thing you gonna do is find the right mascara~ mascara comes with different shades but mostly it's black and different mascara has different function.. example: thickens your eyelash, make your eyelash longer etc. i personally have more than 2 mascara because you gotta put on based on your mood haha.

2. next after you grab your fav mascara curl up your lashes girl~ curl them up. if you don't know how the curler looks like look at the image below :)

Image result for curler mascara

3. now.. open your mascara cap.. (bismillah dulu) when you pull out the wand the product will already be there.. so what you gonna do is place the wand on your eyelash based and pull slowly to the end of your lashes.

you gotta be careful while applying on mascara because the product can transfer to your eyelid or under you eyes if that happen.. grab a cotton bud and wipe it off. okay?

laaasstt but not least,, don't cry for boys when you have your mascara on because.....

so that's all.. if you have any question comment on the comment section or on the cbox okay~ and maybe i will update about my fav mascara in future~  see yaaaaa

Online bus ticket
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Hi there and assalamulaikum. Today i'm going to share with you guys trusted web tu purchase bus tickets. You guy know right that not all web can be trust. But THIS web is 100% trusted seller.

I once purchase from this web and i face some problem but their customer service was tip top. It is also easy to use. The web is simple and you can find your bus easily. So to students this web will really help you guys. Purchase you tickets Here
TOP 3 Fav Online Shopping
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Hi guys, Assalamualaikum pretty ladies and good looking guy so today i wanna share with you guys my TOP 3 fav online shopping website! I hope this will help you a little. 

This is so me whenever i'm on those website

1. Lazada
you can find tons and tons of product there! from clothing to makeup to electronic devices, even cat food can be find there. To know more CLICK HERE! you won't regret it just believe me.

2. Hermo
 This is a real good place for every makeup lover! you can find BUNCH OF MAKEUP there! and no worries of fake makeup! they are real and hermo always giving a good promotion tho! just just CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!

3. Zalora
For fashion freak out there don't waste any time and just hop on this website click here. You won't miss any latest trend of Fashion if you are here. You can find a lot of famous branded clothing here such as adidas, topshop, espirit and lots lots lots more

So guys that is my fav online shopping website. If you don't have money.. no worries just go on their website and cuci mata hahaha. that's all for this post. check those web out and share with me what is your fav online shopping web! see yaaaaa
Product review: Perfume Hanasuva
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Hi guys assalamualaikummm~ so today i wanna do a honest review of a perfume. local perfume so i will be posting in malay lah kan.

sarah personally suka sangat bau dia.. sangat fresh. ni dah botol ke dua dah. bau dia tahan lama sangat. sarah jenis yg pakai tudung kejap kejap and simpan without basuh for few days. sepanjang sarah tak basuh tu memang hm wangi je sbb bau perfume tu still ada. fakta eh x tipu.

Kalau korang nak tau jugak perfume ni Yana samsudin punya yang pelakon tu ha yang tu la.. haha

itu kotak dia.. ni gambar di internet je sbb kotak sarah hilang huhu but memang cantik kotak dia kalau nak bagi hadiah kan x payah susah balut.. serious best perfume ni. sebab product tempatan kan and harga x de la mahal mcm luar negara punya beratus ratus. quality sama. baik kita support tempatan punya kan. 

kalau korang nak beli boleh Dm sarah on Ig. okayyyy?

see you guys in next post byee


Ego and sorry
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jangan emo sarah!

Hi assalamualaikum~ dear readers, i wanna share with you guys something that is important but we always take it for granted. WHY DO PEOPLE FREAKING TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!?

I bet most of you already know what is ego.. right? if you don't know what it is you can google it haha. and "sorry" of course you all know.. if you don't i bet you are from another galaxy.

SORRY is not a hard word to say  but some of people think their tongue will bleed if they say that word. If you do something wrong say sorry! put some effort to make the situation better. and if you think you didn't so something wrong.. it is not a sin to say sorry and when someone said sorry to you forgive them. "buat apa sorry if you didn't mean it" don't keep this in your self take it in positive way! 

some people after they fight. one person will say sorry then another one will say.. okay i forgive you but then they are not even talking till 10 years later..

this usually happens to girl lah.. eyy girl your ego ah tinggi melangit sangat. come one you say sorry then she say okay i forgive you but both of you ego aduh. kick those ego away! hey nak fikir tak puas hati memang semua orang tak puas hati. do you think this world is made to make you happy everytime?

if you are school girl.. it's okay i understand but if your in 18,19,20,21++++ are you kids or something? come on, you are adult, young adult. You literally can use your brain. WHERE IS YOUR MATURITY ?? 

Some small stuff don't make it a big deal.. there is lot more you can do. i envy boys because if they fight last night the next morning it's like nothing happen. duh that's cool bro. i'm trying hard to apply those concept.. FORGIVE AND FORGET! 

Forgiving someone won't hurt you but it will make you feel better. Not forgiving someone and you plan to revenge them. that will hurts you A LOT!!! believe me. i've go through that moment..

i think that's all for this post. if you don't agree with me you can share your opinion.. i make this post to remind my readers and myself that ego isn't something you really need but sorry is the thing. Without that high level of ego you can make your life much more peaceful.


Beauty: Tips to apply on Liquid Lipstick
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cr: owner

Assalamualaikum and helloooo dear readers~ so.. this time i want to share with you guys how to apply liquid lipstick. especially matte lipstick for those have chapped, dry lips as you know matte lipstick can be so drying! and you want to make your lips look fuller you may need this tips.

Look at this bae, we want this kind of lips right. 

1. Exfoliate
okayy girls, exfoliate is so so important.. it will remove your dead skin.. How to exfoliate? Get your lip scrub and scrub it all over your lips OR you can apply on lip balm then take a wet tissue and gently rub all over your lips to kick those dead skin out. 

I always exfoliate my lips before i sleep so i won't wasting time exfoliating my lips in the morning or afternoon haha. If you guys want to save your money from buying lip scrub you can make it on your own.. click [Here] for tutorials

2. Lip balm

applying lip balm before sleep can smooth your application and it will prevent your lips from chapping through out the day. But sometimes when you put on lip balm you tend to apply it a lot... so what you gonna do is.. kiss behind of your hands to take off the excess product

3. Lip liner
Actually this step is an option. I personally didn't do this trick but i've seen it a lot on the internet how this help to make us put on liquid lipstick much easier. 

Sometimes putting on liquid lipstick will be so hard. it won't follow your lip line or maybe you want to make your lips look plump and full. So, draw on your lip line using those liner~ lip liner is affordable you can find them anywhere~


Apply your liquid lipstick on your lips~ then you will have those sexy lips.! 

i think that's all for this post. If you want to see this in video you may request. as i do make youtube videos. or maybe no. i hope this can help you a little bit. 
Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)

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lady with dignity
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Assalamualaikum and hey dear readers. It's been awhile i've been soooo lazy to write. do you know how i feel? no? yes? lol. So based on the tittle it's look like i'm going to share with you guys something serious.. well.. yes i am. 

We ladies must have something to hold and defend. it is our dignity. but why? whyyyy? are girls nowadays are so desperate? they can't live without man. 
"Hey falling in love is not wrong" "I KNOOOWWW" i know peeps i know it is not wrong. but berdua duan with your boy 24/7 is not okay!  I can't brain this type of people.. seriously.. let's see this type of girl's schedule

  • wake up in morning "Morning sayang" -Text send
  • after texting they went to meet each other and lepak for 5 hours straight
  • then go home for awhile to take a bath and so on. p.s while texting their boi
  • after maghrib keluar balik nak jumpa lah. then lepak till 11 p.m / 10 p.m 
  • after balik rumah.. thought they were going to sleep. But then they start on call till midnight.

duhh girl... you have more precious thing to do in your life.. it's okay to fall in love, to be with someone you love but not 24 hours. What will people say when they keep seeing you around..lebih baik kawin la takde org nak fitnah and please if you ever in relationship don't forget your parents.. don't disappoint them.. they are more important.. who you are without your parents!? 

you can find other boyfriend if you lost one but if you lost your parents?.. think think think...

Then another type of girl... one month one boy. I just i don't know what to say to this type of girl... but i just want you to know... tak mati pun takde boyfriend. you know friendship worth more than your relationship unless you take it serious and you nak kawin.. then go on lah.  and to boys out there... if you really love someone take care of them don't ambil kesempatan je. 

ladies and gentleman,
just imagine la your sisters or your brother perangai mcm you and imagine  your kids later. haih don't you feel disappoint with your kids? maybe no...

so that's all for today's post.. remember be a lady with dignity it is priceless.. you can't buy it anywhere. 

oh ya! do check out on my Youtube video~ [HERE]


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