Beauty: Choosing Lips color & American Vs. Korean

By Sarah - February 22, 2016

Hello beautiful ladies and gentleman. So this is my very firssstt entry for beauty section~ and the first topic that i will be talk about is (insert drum rolls sounds) LIPS! *claps

I'm going to give a few tips on how to choose correct color for your skin tone and American Vs. Korean style

so let's begin now~

1. Choosing color

-  Choosing right color for lips is very important.. You can change your looks by switching your lips color, you can be bold , sexy , cute and more yeah / haha

here some tips:

credit to the owner T.T

-  if you choose wrong color option you'll look weird,unattractive,dull and more /lol. and you must not scared of trying various color.. don't stick to one color. 

2. American VS. Korean lips style

Kylie Jenner

- Prefer bold color lips
- Using lip liner to make lips looks larger and to prevent lipstick from bleeding
- Matte lipstick is very popular
- Sexy 

Jisook rainbow

- Prefer natural kind of color
- Lip Tint is very famous
- Most of korean do gradient lips

I guess that's all.. I'm sorry if i put on wrong infos and which lip style do guys prefer?? share with me pleasee~ 

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  1. korean style ^^ tak nak mcm omputih nmpk garang >..<

  2. @bella lee : i like to mix them haha nmpak cute and garang haha