Kpop: Ladies Code - Galaxy /Review

By Sarah - February 24, 2016

Annyeong kpop peoplee~ so it's time for kpop review.. well i'm going to make a review on Ladies Codes new song "Galaxy". This is their first comeback after Rise and EunB died in car crash.. Other member itself working hard on this comeback after their recovery..

Let's check their MV


Galaxy song is veryyyy different with their last songs "Kiss Kiss" "Yeppo yeppo" "so wonderful" This song is very classy , beautiful and somehow very nice to listen.Their vocal are so pretty.  I don't know how to explain but this song hit me hard and and make me want to cry / i dunno why. maybe i missed rise and eunb.. i just don't know how to explain you guys need to check out!

Music Video.

the mv is so classy.. and emotionless or too many emotion.. which make me confuse haha..and on the dance part they added 2 dancer..  maybe the dance mean to be EunB and Rise. which again gimme mix emotion. i don't knooowww you guys need to check out so you'll get those emotion? ah molla~

some screenshot from MV

the MV somehow scared me /i have no reason why.

I guess that's all that i have on my mind. you guys need to check them out by yourself~ and support themm~ 

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  1. The song is so good <3

  2. the song is so good, but I really miss EunB and Kwon Rise, I just don't know why. It's really mysterious, and I wonder how they're doing without the friends by there. hmm