Kpop: B.A.P - Feel so good /review

By Sarah - February 22, 2016

Helloooo humanns... well. i just came back from matoki planet.. and B.A.P just uploaded their new MV.. Let's check them out~

check them out..NOW!

okay. Let's talk about the song first..
This song is totally different from their last last last songs except for "Stop it".
the song is so hyped , fun and carefree.. when you listen to them you'll feel so good~ as the tittle ofc/lol. i don't know how to tell more you just need to listen

Next, the Music Video
The Mv was so colorful and they are so different as you know B.A.P use to be fierce / bad boy / badass boy groups. The Mv was funny~ the member itself are so handsome and purrrfeecctt haha

some screenshot from the MV

my fav part of them MV when they keep changing person on the trolley and the messed uo the store then the boss(?) suddenly enter they just hide everywhere and randomly.. it's funny~~ and Youngguk look so hot in this mv haha omg i just can't stop loving him (insert cries emoji

I guess that's all.. you need to check them up. The Mv was so fun to watch~ and give a comment what do you think of their mv and share my postt..byeee

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