Be Proud of Yourself

By Sarah - February 26, 2016

Hellooo humaanns~~ today i will be sharing with you guys a rare topic but i think it's important to every people~ even alien need to do this thing /lame joke again. before i start i'm sorry for my grammar.. well english is not my first language so please. haha

I'm too lazy to edit by my own so cr. weheartit

Have you ever feel down because people like to tease you? "you are fat" "you are ugly" etc. You sometimes hate yourself- If you do have that kind of feeling towards yourself. throw them throw it awaaaaayyyyy . don't hate yourself, you only have one body,one soul and one brain. 

You need to deal with those judgemental person in a good way. no fight~ Remember those who bully / criticize you are insecure with themselves.. Just stay positive! chin up! no one can bully you~If you can't deal with criticism just stay away from those butthurt people.. you don't need them anyway..

If you feel that you are so unlucky because too many things happens. Remember everything happen for a reason and they are a lot of people who suffer more than you. Stop blaming yourself and improve yourself!

You also need to forgive yourself. Well- everyone has flaws.  There is no reason for you to hate yourself! You need to be proud of yourself because you are unique and prove all those judgemental person that you are better than them use your flaws as your weapons.

So humans, i think that's all. i have no idea my brain are not moving. and see you guys in the next post. Please suggest me what topic should i do next and i will do some research for you guys~

Nobody going to love you if you don't love yourself. 

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  1. Memang kadang2 rasa nak balas balik je apa yang org cakap pasal kita tapi jangan sesekali benci diri sendiri.. Abaikan je orang macam tuu.. hahaha