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By Sarah - March 09, 2016

Hellooo beautipull ladyy~ haha so yeah today i will be giving you guys few tips on face contour.. well most of my beauty tips is for beginners.. I hope i can help you~~

I love contour my face but i cannot afford to buy expensive contour kit. Malaysian people who are facing same problem with me. I will show you a budget countouring kit / bronzer. The price is so affordable. you guys should check them out~

These are 2 product that i have been using to contour my face.

Contouring you face will make your face smaller and giving your face more definition. Contouring face is so popular for american makeup style. 

.How to contour face?

cr. to owner

tutorial by chiutips.

Tutorial by wengie. i love heeerr

You guys can search on youtube a lot of beauty youtuber do a video on how to contour your face.. That's all that i want to share with you guys if you have question please comment i will try to answer you.. see yaa guyssss~!!

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  1. good for you that you know how to contour your face. I've watched tons of tutorial on youtube yet still I don't get it how haha

  2. @Claudia Claudy .. it's take time haha..need a lot of practices

  3. practice makes perfect, they said. hahaa

  4. Great infos! I didn't know how to contour my face properly yet although I have such chubby face TT anyway thanks!