Kpop: Who Is your Bias? (Segment with sarah)

By Sarah - March 09, 2016

Annyeeeoonng~ hi guys today calling alll the kpop fans to answer my questions. "Who is your bias?"

  •  5 fav Boys Groups
  • 5 fav girl groups
  • 10 Bias
  • reason why you love your ultimate bias
  • add the banner to your entry
  • Tag 2 more kpoppers so they can answer this
  • can update in english or malay
I hope you can understand the rules haha if you don't let me show you guys~

- 5 fav boys groups

1. Bangtan Boys (BTS)
2. Boyfriend
3. Got7
/i have a lot moreeeeeeeeeeee.

- 5 fav girl groups

1. 4Minute
2. Rainbow
3. T-ara
4. Sistar
5. Miss A

-Top 10 bias~

1. Park Jimin (BTS)
- i love him because his voice is to to to to much too handle haha. he is adorable and sexy in the same time ugh.

2. Lee Jeongmin (Boyfriend)
3. Ailee
4. Bang Youngguk (B.A.P)
5. Jin (BTS)
6. Jisook (Rainbow)
7. V (BTS)
8. Sohyun (4Minute)
9. N (VIXX)
10. Bora (sistar)

so yesh peoplleee that's how you need to do and mention 2 more kpoppers~~~ i hope many many people will join me.. HWAITIINNGG!

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  1. thanks for inviting me! I will join this, seems interesting >< Jimin... duh, how can he be such a sexy and cute boy at the same time? adorbs, really ~

  2. jmput joinnn

  3. Thanks for inviting me. I.m done. Too much love for this segment. Hahaha :D

  4. Join :3