Beauty Haul (Drugstore)

By Sarah - March 17, 2016

Helloooo ladies~     so this will be my first haul ever. My brother is on holiday so i got my camera back. but soon he will go back to his school and he will bring my precious camera. i'm sad. really sad. so sad. i don't know how to explain. okay lol forget it.. we should start now. Stuff that i'll be showing is stuff that i recently bought.. i collect them since last month till today so that i can show you guys my haul haha. My stuff is all basically a drugstore product except for few items..

1.Kabuki Makeup Brushes

I order this brushes last week and the parcel arrive today so i haven't use yet.. haha. btw the price is soooooo affordable you got 10pcs of kabuki makeup brushes for RM 40. This is a good price for beginners and someone on budget. You guys can purchase this brushes at @thehoppipollastore 

2. Maybelline White Superfresh Liquid Powder

This is my Holy grail product. I've been using this for a month and i really love this. I bought this during promotion at watson so i can't remember the price. you guys can checkout at any guardian or watson or sasa or any local drugstore. It is below RM30 for sure. 

3. Essence Liquid ink Eyeliner 

I love this eyeliner because it is long lasting and it is so pigmented. But in the same time i hate it. haha Sometimes it is easy to apply and sometimes it is sssssoooo hard to apply i ruin my makeup because if this eyeliner haha. maybe it's my fault tho. okay for the price i can't remember seriously i can't i'm so sorry.. but essence product usually are very affordable and the price range is from RM 12 - RM 30. I purchase this at Aeon

4. Chulips Lip balm

This is one of my Fav product. If you guys don't know i'm a big fans of lip balm and this lip balm is really really good... This one is better than eos lipbalm. (If you guys don't know eos lip balm go google it is so popular) Chu lips surprisingly cure my lips and it is very hydrated. You guys should try this.. Chu Lips is a bit pricey than a normal lipbalm but i swear this is goooodd.. /in my opinion. The Price is RM21 if i'm not mistaken but i purchase this during promotion so i get this for only RM18

5. Catrice Trio Powder Eye Shadow

I don't really like this eyeshadow because it is too shimmering and the color is not so pigmented.. i bought this because it is pretty and kinda cheap. I bought this for RM 18 at Guardian KL Sentral. I think this eyeshadow will be good as Highlight. They came out with 2 shades. mine is C02 Bouquet de Roses. they are limited edition~ 

6. Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder

This is the first drugstore bronzer that i have ever found. i think this quiet good~ i don't knoe because i haven't use any expensive bronzer so i guess this is good enough for someone on budget like me~ I purchase this for RM20. well that's affordable.. 

So yeah people that's is it... if you guys has any question on the item that i mention you can comment~ i will reply to you haha.. and i'm sorry if the image look a bit dark. i can't find any good background. i will be working on the background soon~ bye seeeeyaaa..

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  1. wow thank you for your sharing ! wanna go and purchase that brush too ~~ :D

  2. @BELLA LEE . yeah sure. please mention my name as well. kiddingg~

  3. i have the same lip balm as yours :)

  4. wow nice sharing.. ^^

    singgah + follow sini.. ^^

    jemput join segmen shawal.. :)