By Sarah - March 24, 2016

Hellloooooo~ people.. so today's topic is something to do with my personal life..  i may need some of your opinion.. wish you guys can help me~

well i have been accepted / offered to UNITEN. (claps). I'm not so sure whether to accept or not.. i've been thinking a lot of stuff.. should i wait for UA? UNITEN fees are soooo expensive but i can make a loans.. UA is affordable,, and muadzam shah is far far far away.. Uniten have 2 campus. Putrajaya and Muadzam Shah. Putrajaya is okaaayy. but muadzam shah duh... At Uniten i will be doing foundation while UA i applied for diploma... I don't la.. gonna wait what my parents will decide.. i'm okay with everything~ haha.. so yeah that's all..see yaaa

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  1. what course they offered to you? :)

  2. If you choose UNITEN, welcome to Uniten Muadzam Shah. hehe,
    Lecturer sini sporting! Lagi lagi kalau foundy, I budak degree so susah nak jumpa lecturer yg sporting, haha.

  3. @claudia claudy for upu i applied accounting i dunno the result yet.

  4. @Huda hud . best tak duduk sana? facilities semua okay eh? haha i'm curious haha