Tips: Losing friends

By Sarah - March 07, 2016

helloo people~ so lately i'm not in mood in updating any tips or any positive post lately because I'm full with negativety this few days. i'm freaking not in mood. I want to share with you guys about friends.. everybody does have friends but do we have "real" friends. since i was baby till i'm 17 i don't think i have problem with what called so "friend" it's normal to fight and get better and some friends leave you. it's normal okay totally normal..

but after i receive my SPM result.. everything change. i have few friends that claimed as my bestfriend left me.. i know her behavior very well because we are very close. she don't even ask my result don't even say hi to me anymore.. well there is few more firends who behave like that.. hey cmmon if we are bestfriend why would you leave me? because i'm stupid? nah we'll see in future.. well someone has told me before after you get you spm result only true friend will stay.. i though he talk nonsense but now i realize.. it's real..

1 person leave you. 10 more person will approach you- remember this!
If they are happy with their life go on.. i won't disturb thoo~ i'm happy with some people who stay by my side encouraging me support me and lend me their shoulders. they help me a lot.. there are some of my friend that are not even chatting with every single day but when i'm trouble they will be there for me. you know how that feel? ugh so happyyy.. they are awesome people. i love them.. I was known as a positive girl among my friend. but when i'm down they are my medicine..

so yeah guys if you ever feel like nobody needs you, lonely~ etc etc. chin up, don't be sad.. they don't deserve youu.. okayy. show them you are better without them. try make new friends~ because you deserve someone better~ okaaaayy.. That's all beautiful people.. i will update some more tips on beauty or some kpop review very soon.. so see yaaa~

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