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By Sarah - March 23, 2016

helllloooooo~~ i'm back after 6 days i didn't update anything.. well.. i'm not busy but i'm not around i went to KL and i didn;t bring my laptop so i kennot updatteee. I don't know what topic should i share so i'm going to make a review on Got7 recent comeback song "Fly"

uhumm hmm hmm i don't know~ how to tell.. i'm don't really like it /TO BE HONEST!.. but i like it.. do you understand me haha.. i have listen to got7 since their debut. the have better songs than this one. BUT! there are still a few parts that i really like in this song.. "Flyyyyy~" It's Jb part? or youngjae? not sure but that part is so so beautiful!! and jackson's rap. Jackson surprise me. I never see jackson as a rapper.. idk why. but this comeback change my mind.. he improved~  This is my personal opinion if you don't like it donut bash meee T.T 

Music Video:
again.. uhummmm hmm hmm,, i don't know... i've seen a better MV example. just right , A , etc etc "Fly" MV is a bit "boring" to me.. it just they are dancing and the camera zoom in and out~ and there are a few scene they are flying..

a few screen shot from the MV

So yesh people yesh i still love Got7 because they are my bias wrecker. make sure you guys check their MV. their mv has reach 3M ++ view. you guys might be loving their new song so yeahh~~ byeeeee

can you guys please request a topic for me? haha

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  1. I... kind of agreed. The song is just below my expectation and although the mv is a bit boring, they're so synchronized and their dance are as usual, amazing. Oh, I would like to recommend you doing reviews about k movies or dramas, it might be great!

  2. @ Typical Byun

    i don't watch k dramas or movies that often hahaha too badd.. but if i do watch anything i'll make a review