How to be perfect?

By Sarah - March 27, 2016

Heyyy~ readers welcome back to my blog. so today i wanna share with you guys a topic it is "How to be perfect" You guys might be thinking. "Nobody perfect" " No one can be perfect" "Sarah please don't make a joke".. I'm not joking~ everyone can be perfect..  after you read this.. think again if you disagree please bash me on the comment. lol

1. Don't try too hard
don't try to be 100% perfect.. you are forcing yourself to be perfect.. you might think you are perfect but what others can see is just a plastic. /you know what i'm saying?

2. Do what you think you are good at, 
For example, cooking. if you are good in cooking practice more and more do it everyday so you'll be perfect. Humans can't never be perfect in everything but once you good at something.. you are better than other people~

3. Be nice to people
This is the easiest step. when you are nice to people, you will prevent conflict. when there is no conflict people likes you. when people likes you, you are perfect in their eyes~ lol. and please respect people. it's important. got it? okay? good! lol

4. Take care of yourself
clean up your self , dress up nicely, brush you teeth , take bath daily , etc etc. who would like someone with messy hair, smelly shirt , unhygienic , etc to be called as "perfect"

5. Don't do drastic changes..
Don't change who you are, you just need to be confident~You also should focus more on improving your negative part and some bad habits. Do it slowly...

6. Reaction
Reaction and decision are made better after thought. So, think before you speak~

That's all people~ *Remember that "perfect personality" does not even exist but we are improving our life. we are humans /i'm alien pfft./  we always do mistakes but mistakes teach us about life. See you guys in my next post. thank you for reading~ Have a nice day!

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  1. yeahhhh above all, just be yourself, right?

    Some people will love us in our way, adore the style, just simply because we're unique that we don't try too hard to fit in.. wuhuu^^