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By Sarah - March 15, 2016

Hellooww~     today you guy will know me better i guess lol.. so thanks to Nurin for tagging me. i feel so so touched when someone willing to tag me /sobs. haha okay i need to stop this drama and start the tag now. Basically i need to answer the question below

1. Name
Sarah Nuraisyah,, should i tell you my full name based on IC? ugh no sorry it's confidential hahaha. Just call me Sarah.. Sarah The Great. k noo haha 

2. Age
I was born in 1998 so count by yourself haha

3. bestfriends
well... my bestfriend are not in blogging world.. do i need to mention them? maybe no. ngahaha 

4. Relationship status
Singlet. IRL...

5. Piercings i have

6. Piercing i want
none. ears is enough.

7. Tattoos i have
On my arms. /serious. am not serious tattoos is haraam

8. Tattoos i want
On my table maybe.. 

9. Fav Blog
wanaseoby and others. huahua

10. meaning behind my url
just my name e.e

11. Fav Band ATM
Mamamoo.. are they consider as a band? i'll take it as yes. 

12. Fav Movie
I don't know a lot of movie.. but i do love Harry Potter.. i heard they gonna make new series of harry potter but not the same actor anymore.. 

13. A fact of my personality
People who don't know me always say that i'm arrogant, fierce , unfriendly and not a friend materials. As you know me you'll change your mind haha.. I'm not arrogant it just i'm too shy. and.. i'm too sensitive but i'm trying to be someone better..

14.What I hate most about myself
for not being able to control my temper... i have high temper.. i can scold/shout in public. i just.. i just. i just. don't know how to control.. people will think i'm a bad person but really.. i need help.

15. What I love most about myself
Physically. my lips.  I love them ngeheeee.. 

16. What i want to be when i'm older
Deep in my heart i want to a lecturer or teacher. But in the same time i'm wishing to be an Accountant. Insyallah..

17. Idea of a perfect date
perfect date? i don't know.. i got a lame one.. watch movie hahaha.. or maybe we (me and park jimin/ hauahuaahuaha) going on vacation together.. but it's haraam.. so we'll go after we got married yea hahahaha

18. Thing/s i hate the most
ANY KIND OF REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS!! i hate them a lot yes a lot!!! I also hate being replace, ignored.

Food, Park Jimin's voice , Song Joong Ki's and Lee Won Keun's smile

20. Phobia
Losing someone while i'm far away from them and Blood. Last 2 years, i was in KL to attend a wedding ceremony.. at 2 a.m my mum got a call from her sister that my grandfather was dying.. he passed away before we reach penang.

21. What i hate the most about school
Personally I love school.. but i hate HOMEWORKS A LOT!

22.Things i find attractive in guys.
I really got attract to someone with smoll eyes hahaha and and chinese guy. i don't know whyy! eventhough they are not handsome or cute i still got attract.. i also find guys attractive based on their lips and their smooth skin. haha

23. Biggest turn on
Caring and protective.- idk e.e
physically- Song Joong Ki and Park Jimin as reference okay?

24. Biggest turn off
smokers. no cigarettes no vapes...and more but i don't know how to tell. it just a lot. okay. haha

25. A random fact that i know
Most of the girl wear makeup not to impress man.

26. A quote i love my on
i have a few but i think i love this the most
You can't have Rainbow      without a little Rain    

27. something i need to get of my chest
my bad temper and my insecurities

28.  A description of someone i hate and why i hate them
I don't hate people but i get annoyed.

29. Last time i cried and why
I cry 1 hour ago. why? it's secret

30. Looks or Personality- Why?
Both.. I didn't look for perfect looks and i didn't look for someone who has great personalities.

Tag : Tomo , sya and Raizah

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  1. Eh new harry potter series? I only know about fantastic beasts and where to find them adaptation. I don't think there'll be a new series but omg I can't wait for the new J.K Rowling adaptation movie!!

  2. @Alia.. i don't know someone told me haha. i'm not very sure

  3. thanks for tagging. will do the tag when im free yahh friend xD thanks once again ♡