Beauty: How to take care skin during hot weather

By Sarah - March 12, 2016

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Heeyy pretty people~ as you all know we are having an extreme hot weather or the glamour name is "El Nino"/ lol.  in Malaysia and few more other countries. So my topic for today is how to take care of our skin during hot weather/el nino..

This hot weather make me sweat sooooooooo much. can't stop sweating ugh. i feel so so sweaty stinky etc etc haha.. okaay i need to stop merepek and get started

1. Drink water
Drink a lot a lot a lot and a lot of water~ water will keep you hydrated and replace the moisture that you lost during sweating. but remember it's plain water not sugary drinks haha..

2. Put on Moisturizer 
This is very important for your face.. without moisturizer your skin will be very dry!!

3. Sunscreen..
You can use foundation or moisturizer with SPF but it is better o go with sunscreen to get enough SPF

4.  Lipbalm on lips
this is important as well. lipbalm will keep your lips hydrated so it won't dry.. if you guys don't know i'm a big fans of lipbalm if you want to know which product is good do comment down below. haha

people i guess that's all.. i can't think anymoreee haha.. those are most important stuff for me to keep my skin in good condition during this extreme hot weather.. take care darlingsss~ see ya byeee

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  1. awh, my friends pun bagitau Malaysia sekarang panas gila.

  2. @claudia claudy : ya sampai gila la haha

  3. musim panas ni muka saya habis naik ruam2.. ade tips x nk hilgkn ruam ni??

  4. @nur zulfa . saya x tau sgt cara nk ubati ruam ni.. but try mandi air sejuk.. and sapukan cream.. boleh cari di farmasi rasanya