KDramas: Babysitter (Review)

By Sarah - March 28, 2016

Annyeooongg~ hello to all Kdramas fans. this is my very first entry about kdramas. Well.. just want you guys to know i'm not a big fans of kdrama. I'm thinking of doing a review on "Descendant of Sun" but too many people have done it. so i'll just forget it haha

I just watch this Drama for 2 episode.. so far..... i don't really like it. This drama is really disturbing like ugh so disturbing.. this should be 18+ drama. haha.. /wait.i'm 18..................... lol./  So let me tell you roughly what is this story about..

This story is a bout an attractive babysitter "sukryoo", / i personally don't find her attractive duh./ who is actually brilliant and intelligent girl as she graduated from a prestigious university.She work as a babysitter for 3 kids from a wealthy couple "Eunju and Sangwoon". after a while working with them sukryoo start to flirt with sangwoo. and sangwoo is damn idiot. hahaha. She has been admired sangwoo since her first year in university, sangwoo is her senior..  Eunju who really love his husband has found out that he's cheating on him. so if you want to know more go and watch this drama...

Basically, Eunju is the girl that staring at you/lol. while sukryoo was hugging sangwoo (based on the image above) I don't really like this drama because i find this drama is so freaking weird haha and none of them are handsome hahahaha... but i think this drama is slightly different from those typical korean dramas. so yesh people go on and check this drama out. and tell me what do you think of this drama. byeeee~

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  1. *spoiler* I watched a bit of the episode and turned out she killed the guy at the end lol

  2. Hero dia mcm xhensem, xnal tengok laah. Hahaha

  3. Ada pernah nak tgk tapi masa drama nie baru keluar subtitle nya lmbt gila update tue trus tak hafi tgk nak tggu smpai dah complete baru tgk balik . Hihi