My Skincare routine

By Sarah - April 22, 2016

Hellooo beautipul ladies, it has been awhile since my last update. too many things happen.. my brother was sick and he has gone through a surgery to yea i'm so busy xD. I have been planning to do this entry since last few weeks.

I have normal skin. i guess so because my face is not too oily but not too dry. if you are wondering how do i look go check out my Instagram i do have a picture of my bare face lol.  My morning and night routine is nothing much different..

1. let's start with my face cleanser..

I have been using this for 7-6 months. and i'm loving it soo much. so far it has done a great job to my skin.. the pimple rarely popped out on my face (except if i didn't wash them) I wash my face Twice a day but sometimes once a day. haha Basically this face cleanser it for remove out the dirt on your face and keep your face clean. I don't use whitening face wash just because i love tan skin more lol. 

2.after i done cleaning my face i'll use a scrub. but remember scrubing your face everyday is not good.. i usually scrub my face twice a month or three times.  I'm using  Eversoft blackhead clearing in apricot. 

i have nothing much to say about this product.. yep. too sad.

3. my fav step~~~  Toning my face. I'm using Thayer Toner 

I've been using this for 8-7 months. I'm so in love with this toner. I used to have a Lavender. but sadly Immigration has took it away from me. sad life. However i manage to purchase a new one. in Lemon. The smell is so nice and it is so refreshing i swear i love this stuff a lot. yes. you guys should try this as well~

4. Lastly, I'm using Cosmoderm Vitamin E 
This is basically a Vitamin E but it's work as moisturizer as well.. i usually apply this before i do my makeup because it's somehow make my makeup look better lol. or maybe i'm just crazy. idk. and i also apply this before i sleep~ as i wakeup in the morning my skin feels like a baby butt haha i really like it!

so yesh people that is my skincare routine. I sometimes use a face mask but there's a lot of face mask that i have tried so i'm too lazy to update here.. haha so see you guys on da next post byeeee~!! 

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  1. Ohhh nak try scrub tu eheeh tak pakai scrub tapi semua orng kata scrub ni penting. I guess kena pergi beli scrub utk muka nanti.

  2. @saf. ye scrub ni boleh kira penting untuk deep cleansing. tp tak boleh pakai tiap tiap hri x bgus. try la.. i heard jenama St.Ives pun bagus

  3. Cosmoderm krim vit. E dia memang best. Wangi dan parut pun makin kurang :D