BTS Epilogue - Forever Young /Review

By Sarah - April 24, 2016

Annyeong~ so so i'm back with kpop segment today i'm going to do a review on "BTS 'Epilogue : Young forever" Mv and song. I heard that they gonna release 3 Mv for their comeback on May 2 so Young forever is the first MV tha has been release on 19 April 2016. after 4 days the view are 1M++ on their official channel~

go check'em out

This song is very unique! i personally really love this song, even though they have better song than this. when i first listen to this i was like "this song was okay i'm going to watch over and over again and fangirl" but as soon as i turn on the caption...... i cried. /not really but in ma heart lololol.  This song is actually about the members struggles about being an idol/singer/rapper/performer or whatever. They wanted to stay forever young because they know as the time flies, fans will leave.. that's sad. sentap habis semua fans heh. and yeah Taehyung voice is gold tho.

Music video:
BTS music videos never failed to amazed me. the Mv is really good and they are ruining all of the Theories that fans has make on Beautiful Moment in life pt.1 and pt.2  In this Mv they include some of the MV from I Need U and Run. 

screen shot of the mv:

no no jin dun mess up my bias list

are you playing with my heart hobi?

they are in maze

They are more beautiful part in the Mv. and half of them are parts in I Need U and Run. I suggest you guys to watch on your on. All of the Mv are link together. Well, Good job Bts and bighit~ They have done something out of the box. you know what i mean? haha. I can't wait for next 2 MV i'll be waiting~!!!

Rate: 4.5/5

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