D.I.Y Lip scrub

By Sarah - April 23, 2016

helloooo~ I'm running out of the ideas again so i decide  to share with you guys how to make  diy lip scrub. 

What is lip scrub?

-Lip scrub is an effective way to exfoliate / clean our lips , by doing this you'll get beautiful and healthy lips~ 

This is one of the example of lip scrubbing, cr-google

There are a few ways to make a lips scrub~ the easiest way is buy them. hahaha buying the are expensive tho. 

1. sugar + honey + olive oil
2.Vaseline + sugar
3. sugar + coconut oil + vanilla extract (or any other flavours you want)

so you have 3 option~ but the basic ingredient is sugar~ choose one of the option and let's get started.

take a small bowl and mix those ingredient together. you don't want your lip scrub to be too liquidy nor sticky so you need to balance all of the ingredient. as you satisfied move them into a small container. and tadaaaaa~ now you have your own lip scrub /claps

i'm so sorry for those grammar and typing errors. huehuehue see you people on the next post~ byeee~

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