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By Sarah - May 09, 2016

Hellooo peopppllee~ so it's been awhile since my last update. I can't keep updating my blog every single day because i'm so busy. i've told you guys before that my brother has gone through a surgery~ so am not having mood to update, yeah that's what make me busy haha.

and the most important reason why i'm being soooooo soo busy was........ *drum rolls* i am busy playing games. Seriously i got addicted to a few of game. if you guys don't know i really love to try new games and recently i got addicted to 3 games~

1. Clash Royale

this game is a bit similar to Clash of Clan. well they are under the same company, i used to play Coc a lot last time lol. Clash Royale is a multiplayer game~ what you have to do is having a battle with other person. it is so simple yet fun~ You can find them on Google Play or Apps store

2. Blossom Blast Saga

Blossom Blast saga is from game maker of candy crush which is very famous. This game is very easy to play but  as you go to higher level the harder it will be.. this games need you to link the flowers~ ah i don't know how to explain anymore.. i play this game since last year~ i'm not at level 316~ am stuck on those level like  2 days already /cries. you can get them both from google play and apps store


I have no image for this one~  i'm a fans of but i do stop playing as my iphone was broke i'm sad /cries. Recently i just found out [click to play] i tried the game and i got addict. everytime i turn on my laptop i'll end up playing this games. This game is pointless but somehow it's fun. lol. you can find this games on google play but i'm not sure about apps store. but you definitely can play online use you Mac/Lappy/Pc.

So guys that's all for this entry, share with me your current fav games~ and comment if you want to know more good games on your phones~ byeeeee~

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