By Sarah - May 15, 2016

hi hi hi ~ i just want to share with you people what happen to me today. well i don't know why am i too excited for this? i don't usually update about my daily stuff but please let me, haha

Today early in the morning i took a KTM ETS Train from my place to KL sentral to send my little brother to his school (honestly. it's boring to be in ets for 10th times) . before we send him we go shopping some stuff. for any reasons a lots of shop are having promotions and i shopping quite a lot haha i do buy some cute stationary items (they are soooo cute and affordable!!!!) and tudung bawal~ i will update on a haul of my shopping stuff tomorrow~ i'll try.. my phone isn't working well (and i need to repair my Iphone T.T)

So i'll skip about sending my brother and shopping and eating and more more. lol. My mother and i took a train at 1730 from KL sentral to penang.. so i was in coach B. As i was sitting down i saw this one guy who attract me. tbh he is not even my type he is not that handsome /i'm sorry dear stranger. but somehow he is attractive af T.T I caught myself staring or should i say glaring? at him without any reasons. and he did the same or maybe i'm just too perasan I need help. lol. My poor heart duh.

As soon as he drop off the train i realize that we will never meet again. I bet most of you has gone through this. It's heartbreaking thooo. So that's all i want to share hahaha. i don't have any ideas what post should i write so forgive me for my lame post. Byeeeeee

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  1. yupp! i can feel you..
    but when that happen i blame my cowardness for not saying hi. hahah

  2. first meet is coincidence
    and second meet is destiny

    so look forward to ur second meeting ahahaha