KDrama Review : Master of Revenge

By Sarah - May 11, 2016

Annyeong~ today i'm going to do a review on Master of Revenge or the other names is God of noodles ~ i just watch this drama for to episode so my review will be on this 2 episodes~

The first episode by itself is very interesting.. I don't wanna give a spoiler you guys must watch on your own okay okay? so basically the synopsis of this story is when moomyung was young he had an once-in-a-lifetime event. his parents has been killed by Kim Gildo (Baro was the actor when kim gildo was youn so B1A4 fans go watch). Moomyung or his real name Choi Sunseok walk by himself into orphanage, In order to take revenge, he attempt to be God of noodles. Why noodles?? because Kim Gildo has steal his father's recipes with that recipes he become rich and a well-known noodles maker. 

The first episode is things that happened in the past~ while in episode 2 Kim Gildo was looking for Choi Sunseok to kill him basically. This drama really catch my attention because it's not like a typical korean drama (so far). The actress is really pretty i don't know her name tho haha. so so that's all~ if you guys are curious about this drama you can watch on KBS or [Here] so see ya guys byeeeeeeeeee

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