From north to south

By Sarah - May 14, 2016

Helloooo people.. so next saturday gonna be one of the important day of my life. I'll be going to Pahang. Why am i going there? it's freaking far away from where i belong hah hah. But for my future i need to do this you need to do this sarah /cries.

i will register as uniten student next week.I'm taking foundation in accounting.. well.. i don't know what to expect from university life, but i know it will be so tough.. I'm excited but scared in the same time. yeah my friends are staying in penang or maybe go somewhere else.. i don't know anyone there T.T except for that one guy who used to be my school mate during primary school. but he's taking diploma..too bad. well he is kinda good looking tho.lololol!!

 I felt sorry to my "future room mate" because i'm such a messy person. dear future room mate i hope we can get a long hahaha. I'm worry about my subject as well.. i hope i will be fine haha. so guys, please share with me how is your uni life going~ gimme some tips as well. haha byeee

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  1. good luck with your university life dear!! <3 all the best :)

  2. good luck for your studies! I heard that university life is tough (according to my sister) but I believe that you will do well and hwaiting!

  3. have fun & all the best for ur new phase of life