Journey Begin

By Sarah - May 30, 2016

Assalamualaikum and hi people~ So as you know that i'm currently busy because i just entered a university. I've been to UNITEN KSHAS for 10 days. okay 10 days not years nor months. so far so good. so let me tell you guys how was orientation day.

So, the first day when i arrived.. i went to auditorium for registration. so everything went well.. i got my house key.. before we (my family and i) went to my house/apartment. My dad meet his friends from penang. I was kinda excited as am not the only Penang people there.. /sadly, dorg sume sombong huff. so i'll skip about cleaning my house lol...

I got 2 housemate, Sab from JB and Riz from KL.. It's kinda awkward for the first time. hahaha. Nvm- that evening we started our orientation. we spend the whole night / well haha not really.. until 12.00 am /  nothing much to tell on the first night.. yeah everything get excited on the next day. Next morning, we are supposed to gathered at 5.45 am based on orientation clock which is 15 min earlier. and guess what some people were late.. after Subh prayer. we gathered at the empty space i believe the space was parking side or maybe not. lol. we were having an inspection checking our attire and stuffs. the orientation attire is kinda strict. and yeah our facilitators gave us another chances for attire mistakes and woke up late..

Next day, we got our punishment. Gile doh aku x suka punishment tp sbb abg faci tu i was happy for the punishment. sah wei aku x sihat!!!!! After the punishment we have some activities with Program bureau and some talk about UNITEN and stuffs. Most of us fav activities were refreshment. we all like dancing yeah hahaha. We was divided to few groups.. our first tasks is to find a group's name based on superhero. and we choose Batman then we were asked to do a cheer and our group won the cheers heeeheee sumpah malu.. lepastu banyak lg la aktiviti dlm kumpulan..

Kalau nak cita sampai last day mampuh penat den.. so orientation sama je hari hari kene dende~ we're having campus tour and more.. Last day was so memorable. i secretly crying because i can't meet my fav faci anymore. sedih tak?? tak pun over je aku ni..

seriously, i respect our facilitators a lot.. they can act really well especially Discipline bureau. They handle us reallllyyy good and all the activities went well.. i'll be missing orientation day a lot...

so today 30 May 2016 , i'm having my very first class. and so far everything went well. you know assignment isn't approach me yet. lol. So i guess tu je cerita yg nak dikongsi.. i'm so sorry for my broken English.. I miss you people in blog so much. till we meet again~ muaahhh

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  1. all the best. Kalau ada peluang boleh la beljar kat UNITEN KAJANG pula. =)

  2. @BELLA NIS : thankyou~

    @Nazif Hakim : course takde di sana.

  3. normallah tu ade fav. faci masa orientation.. hahaaa,, tapi kau untunglah, aku orientasi masa bulan puasa kot. tak boleh nak huhahuha sangat. huhuu, btw, good luck!