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By Sarah - December 19, 2016

Hey there~ it's been awhile since my last update. because I'm too busy and lazy so I don't even have enough time to update haha. since I'm feeling good today I decide to post about life in university and some tips to survive. This might help SPM leavers. well this post will be in bahasa rojak so bare with it.

After you finished your SPM I'm sure all of you are very excited for college and leaving school. Well, for your information Uni life isn't that fun tho when it comes to study. I'm in private collage so I guess our lifestyle is kinda different to public college.

Studying in college/ uni is totally different from school. In school teachers will help you with all their might for you to score, they will give you tons of exercise in class, they'll check your homework. they train you to score perfectly in school. That's cool and amazing tho. because in University.. to understand the subject that will be on yourself. you'll suffer a lot to understand the chapters. You can't miss a class for you to understand a chapter because lecturers won't revise. And in University you'll be having tons of assignment.

a good thing is lecturer won't check your homework like in school. you don't really need to hand in your tutorials (we call homeworks as tutorials). this is a credits for lazy people lol.

Co-Curricular- in school co curricular is compulsory to all students same goes to college student but we won't get punishment for not attending. Besides, in school the teachers will form a committee among them to handle an event and students just need to attend the event and don't need to worry if the event failed or succeed. In college... students need to do EVERYTHING! to make an event. lecturers don't do activities for students but students did for another student ( do you get it? I hope you do lol) It is fun to handle activities, you can make new friend and be productive but you will be very tired. because classes and assignments are waiting. Remember~ you need to be active. in schools teacher will "force" you to become ajks, join a competition. but in college nobody gonna force you. it's on your own.

Exams- In university every exam in so important because the mark will be carry forward to your finals. so you need to perform well in every exam or quizzes. literally, you don't really have time to play in university. because you will be studying non stop.

Money- You will be using a loooootttt of money. in university one text book will cost RM50++. and you need to pay your house rent, your foods. so I suggest you guys to save from now on so you will not be having troubles in future. since our economy isn't in a good condition.

Once you get into University you will be very busy. but don't every forget your families and don't disappoint your parents. studying in college will be needing a lot of cost. so do well in university. so that's all for this topic you may ask in comment section bellow. byee

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  1. the money used while in university is seriously flowing T_T glad that my textbook/references (during foundation lol) doesn't cost that much, around 30 at max :')

    theres so much difference between uni and school life, but being in uni surely teach us to be more mature and independent, isn't? ._.

  2. hahahaha I totally agree with all your point of view.. especially when it comes to money~~