I stop Listen to KPOP
posted by Sarah December 21, 2016 0 comments
hellow there~ so lately i'm in the mood to update my blog so. today i just wanna share with you guys about me leaving kpop world. I'm a kpop trash since 2011.. i have see new group debut old group disband which is kinda sad. however, am not leaving kpop am just kidding with you guys (LOL I'M SO LAME) I'm Bangtan stan forever lol and currently i'm spazzing over seventeen. i kennot seventeen is too much for me i ken handle my feeling lol.

Seventeen are so young and talented the oldest member is 22 like whataheck so young and the youngest is 17 /one year older than me.  and i'm in love with him. lol HE IS YOUNGER THAN ME AND I CANT STOP LOVING HIM  e.e i'm mad.
his name is Lee Chan a.k.a Dino. and i'm in love. he was born in 1999. i'm so done. He is very talented so talented multi talented i have no more words to say because he is JJANG!

I know this post kinda annoying lol.. i just want to tell that i'm not leaving kpop... kpop song are aju nice and fun to listen. i guess that's all... can you guys share with me who are your bias in sebenteen? byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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