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By Sarah - February 03, 2017

Helllooooww there~ so today i want to merapu about Korean drama.. If you guys don't know.. recently i've been watching tons of drama one after one. /Thanks to my roomate. lol.  but i hate DRAMA IN REAL LIFE. so this is top 5 drama which i personally love and might be helping for you if you are looking for drama to watch hahaha.

well yes i am. hahaha ignore this.

1. W - this is a must watch drama for ANYONE THAT LOVE FANTASY GENRE like me! i can't even move on with this drama and the hero. dayum Jongsuk me sarang you.

2. Goblin- Another Fantasy genre. i seem to like fantasy so much haha.. watching this drama is a bless because you will be looking at 3 handsome guy Gongyoo,Dong wook and Sung jae. THIS DRAMA IS DA BOMB! Its been awhile since this drama ended but i i i cant move on

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - duh even the tittle is too long the drama is the best!!! the story has no complicated drama. lol. its a romance story and it is too cute to handle so. yeah i suggest you guys to watch this if you love teen romance lol you won't regret i swear! /p.s- Lee Jongsuk become cameo 

4. Doctor Stranger- This drama seems to be my all time fav. because Lee Jong Suk is the lead role haha no no. i really love the plot except the ending... i mean the ending isn't that bad.. I love everything in this drama except there's tons of blood............

5. Sungkyunkwan Scandal - Another all time fav. i don't really like the lead role which is park yoo chun and park min young but i love Yoo Ah In and Song Jong Ki i don't really know why i love this drama so much. it just i.. i i love it. haha

So that is my TOP5 actually i still have a lot in my mind like Hwarang,sassy go go and mani mani more XD so thats all. annyyeeoonnggg

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  1. Im watching weightlifting fairy right now and i love the couple 😍

    XX Atheera | XX

  2. annhyeong-haseyo... W and Goblin really awesome.. :D