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By Sarah - November 08, 2018

Assalamualaikum and hi people, last entry has been so emotional and i can't even move on. So, i decided to make another entry to move on.

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If you people follow my instagram or my youtube channel you guys must be aware that i went to a photoshoot session with Zalora. If you don't make your time to watch my vlog okay?

If you guys don't know yet, I'm a contributor on Zalora Thread Magazine. Basically it is an online magazine with a lot of information. On my blog i post so much random and kind of useless thing to share with but on that page i share more information and knowledgeable articles. So make a way to my articles there or any other articles cause you can get a lot from there.

So, i went to the photo shoot not as a model. There is no way i can be a model, not even for plus size hahaha. I went there as one of the contributor, basically that photo shoot is for my profile. Being in a photo shoot session is one of my childhood dream and it became true. I once dream to be a model okayyy haha.

I went there all the way from muadzam shah so it's kinda far tho. I was suppose to be there at 2.30 p.m but i arrived at 3.00 p.m luckily i'm not the last person to arrive. If you guys don't know me in real, i'm that kind of person that can't be late. I will always be few minutes early or on time. So, i feel like uh i feel so annoyed when i'm late haha. So when i arrived, they put on simple and express makeup. I never let someone else put on makeup on me. It freak me out hahaha when the makeup artist did touch my face haha.

They gave me 2 outfit one black and one white. The black outfit is not really my usual style but the white outfit is not much different with my style. My outfit given is rather casual than the other contributor. I kinda love my black outfit cause i never try that kind of style and white outfit actually annoyed me a little because i'm fatttt and white didn't go well with fat person. But i think i did a pretty good job. I get a lot of nice word from the photographer so i think it is a good sign.

From the session i did learn something that i can use in my daily life.
  1. Be bold. You need to be bold for yourself look great on photo, same goes with my life i need to be bold to do what i love to do and never be scared of my passion 
  2.  Try something new. You got to try lot of pose for your photo and so your life trying something new will not be bad and you will find your best pose if you try. 
  3. I also learn how to work with people and polish my communication skills cause i meet new different people there.
  4. Lastly, fight for your dream. I'm not sure why but it gave me that feel. I always wanted to be on photo shoot and i got a chance because my blog. because my writing passion. It feels great. It feel like i reach another achievement in my life.
So, i think that is all i want to share for this entry. The photo is not out yet so i cannot share with you guys yet. See you soon in next entry, have a great day ahead :)))

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  1. Omg honestly, this is super cool! what a great experience!

  2. Wowww, that's great! Handle blog alone is already tough for me but you, brave enough to handle vlog things and being the contributor at zalora's magazine! I got wow-ed.

    1. Thank you.. haha honestly it’s hard with college and stuff but there’s part of me that keep me making all of this.

  3. I'll be having a photoshoot with my family for my brother's convocation, can't wait. I guess the experience would be quite similar to yours ;)