Ego and sorry

By Sarah - April 13, 2017

jangan emo sarah!

Hi assalamualaikum~ dear readers, i wanna share with you guys something that is important but we always take it for granted. WHY DO PEOPLE FREAKING TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!?

I bet most of you already know what is ego.. right? if you don't know what it is you can google it haha. and "sorry" of course you all know.. if you don't i bet you are from another galaxy.

SORRY is not a hard word to say  but some of people think their tongue will bleed if they say that word. If you do something wrong say sorry! put some effort to make the situation better. and if you think you didn't so something wrong.. it is not a sin to say sorry and when someone said sorry to you forgive them. "buat apa sorry if you didn't mean it" don't keep this in your self take it in positive way! 

some people after they fight. one person will say sorry then another one will say.. okay i forgive you but then they are not even talking till 10 years later..

this usually happens to girl lah.. eyy girl your ego ah tinggi melangit sangat. come one you say sorry then she say okay i forgive you but both of you ego aduh. kick those ego away! hey nak fikir tak puas hati memang semua orang tak puas hati. do you think this world is made to make you happy everytime?

if you are school girl.. it's okay i understand but if your in 18,19,20,21++++ are you kids or something? come on, you are adult, young adult. You literally can use your brain. WHERE IS YOUR MATURITY ?? 

Some small stuff don't make it a big deal.. there is lot more you can do. i envy boys because if they fight last night the next morning it's like nothing happen. duh that's cool bro. i'm trying hard to apply those concept.. FORGIVE AND FORGET! 

Forgiving someone won't hurt you but it will make you feel better. Not forgiving someone and you plan to revenge them. that will hurts you A LOT!!! believe me. i've go through that moment..

i think that's all for this post. if you don't agree with me you can share your opinion.. i make this post to remind my readers and myself that ego isn't something you really need but sorry is the thing. Without that high level of ego you can make your life much more peaceful.

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  1. two ego..child ego n adult ego

  2. two ego..child ego n adult ego

  3. I feel you Sarah. We shared the same feeling as a girl, and yeah, the power of girl's ego can be the most dangerous thing and thus it sometimes can make the situation even worst. Stay strong. I'll pray the best for you

  4. this is an accurate post so yea saya nak minta maaf atas perbuatan sy yang sgt tak matang dan tidak kematangan sy dah perbodohkan org ramai esp. you since 2013 yea ive read your comments on that post. i did not fake myself bcs its fun but its because i need attention . obviously attention seekers right . but nope i just need attention . this maybe bcs my parents layan adik beradik more than me . friends pun ada best friend sendiri so i was so lonely that i started to fake myself using 'galvin' identity. So galvin is actually my schoolmate he's no longer exist in school since he's form 3 cus dia kerja saloon but thats not the topic . I actually byk kali dh nak expose myself but saya tak mampu . nak jadi fake tu pon actually tak plan . mcm dah terjadi i dont rmb when . there's only 1 person yg tau saya fake . i told her first bcs i was shocked when i saw her in my ex bf ig so saya terus bgtau dia . Conclusion nya lah , saya nak minta maaf sgt2 dgn apa yg saya dah buat selama ni and plus sejak tau u are at Uniten tu i ve plan many times to meet and explain everything but i couldn't . im such a coward .again dri hati saya minta maaf sgt2 . its up to you u want to forgive me or not but i just want u to know i regret everything and im sorry so so sorry .

    1. Sorry baru perasan this comment.. yeah a year later.. haha not sure if you are going to come across this reply but.. here is the thing. Aku maafkan kau. tak penah dendam. It just kau bukan orang first yang buat aku mcm ni. Ada someone yg aku lagi sayang penah buat aku mcm ni.. that's why bila i found out aku bukan marah kau.. i was mad at myself. How can i let myself kena tipu in the same way for second time.. you make an effort to say sorry to me. but i don't know i just want to forget everything.. i think running away from you would be the best decision.I want to make things clear now. aku dah maafkan kau.. cuma i don't wish to talk to you again.

  5. hahaha i agree with you, sometimes I wonder how can boys getting along together after a fight .. hahaha