Beauty: Tips to apply on Liquid Lipstick

By Sarah - April 08, 2017

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Assalamualaikum and helloooo dear readers~ so.. this time i want to share with you guys how to apply liquid lipstick. especially matte lipstick for those have chapped, dry lips as you know matte lipstick can be so drying! and you want to make your lips look fuller you may need this tips.

Look at this bae, we want this kind of lips right. 

1. Exfoliate
okayy girls, exfoliate is so so important.. it will remove your dead skin.. How to exfoliate? Get your lip scrub and scrub it all over your lips OR you can apply on lip balm then take a wet tissue and gently rub all over your lips to kick those dead skin out. 

I always exfoliate my lips before i sleep so i won't wasting time exfoliating my lips in the morning or afternoon haha. If you guys want to save your money from buying lip scrub you can make it on your own.. click [Here] for tutorials

2. Lip balm

applying lip balm before sleep can smooth your application and it will prevent your lips from chapping through out the day. But sometimes when you put on lip balm you tend to apply it a lot... so what you gonna do is.. kiss behind of your hands to take off the excess product

3. Lip liner
Actually this step is an option. I personally didn't do this trick but i've seen it a lot on the internet how this help to make us put on liquid lipstick much easier. 

Sometimes putting on liquid lipstick will be so hard. it won't follow your lip line or maybe you want to make your lips look plump and full. So, draw on your lip line using those liner~ lip liner is affordable you can find them anywhere~


Apply your liquid lipstick on your lips~ then you will have those sexy lips.! 

i think that's all for this post. If you want to see this in video you may request. as i do make youtube videos. or maybe no. i hope this can help you a little bit. 
Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)

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