Winter Program in Korea (Day 1 to 3)

By Sarah - January 12, 2019

Assalamualaikum and hi, I'm back in 2019! If you guys haven't updated with my life yet (as if anyone does) I went to Korea for Winter Program as an exchange student for about 11 days. I'm not sure if I should update all 11 days in one post. I think it will be super lengthy and you will be tired from reading. I'm just gonna continue with day 1 until day 3.

There are 30 students from my university who joined this program. Each of us was appointed to do some task while in Korea. So I became a photographer. Anyway, on day 1 nothing much happened. We arrived at Incheon airport around 2 p.m Korean time. Chungnam National University is in Daejon, from Incheon airport (Seoul) to CNU take about 3 hours. So nothing much really happened in day 1 cause we were just busy traveling.

On the second day, we have our orientation. We learn about CNU and about Daejon a little bit. Then we were given buddy. One Korean buddy with five Malaysian buddies.

My Korean buddy's name is Park Seonmin. She is very cute and nice. After "ice-breaking" session she brought us to a local restaurant that sells noodles. I don't really know what is the exact name of the noodle but it was good. The portion of the meals is freaking huge! I can't even finish my food. After we had our meal, she brought us to another side of University. There is a downtown that has lots of shops. She introduced us to Korean bubble milk tea. It's great you guys should try it if you went to Korea. Being in Korea we really need to walk a lot. I'm serious! it's A LOT!!
Then for the evening session, we have like a class about Korea. They just tell Korea history and places to visit.

After that session finished, we have free times. So I decided to follow my friends to go to the downtown which known as Gung dong. Well, there's a lot of shops but there is no halal food. That's sad.

This is Gung dong.

On the third day, Seonmin brings us to Jungangro. It was my first time to take a bus and subway in Korea. I've only seen it in the drama and I was so so so excited.

We went for some window shopping and we also spent some time in the arcade. Korean arcade isn't different much from Malaysia arcade but they do have more games than us. You can actually play archery, shooting, AR bike and a lot more. We also had some foods there. Sadly, Daejon isn't a foreigner place and there is no Muslim around, so looking for halal food was so hard. Then we just wandered around until we decide to go to the dormitory. At that night I didn't go out, just staying at the dormitory. 

Yeah that is it for this post. Day 4 will be more exciting but it is too long to include in this entry. It's late at night and I'm already tired. So, see you in next post and have a nice day ahead!

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  1. This is so interesting

  2. Bestnya awak. You're so lucky for that opportunity! Alhamdulillah

  3. Waaaaaaaa teringinnya nak jejak korea...entah bila baru ada peluang nak ke sana^_^

    1. InsyaAllah one day. Boleh saving nnti boleh cuti sana ^^

  4. Seronoknya pergi exchange program dekat Korea! :D

    1. Alhamdullilah. Tapi lagi best kalau exchange for the whole sem haha

  5. Wahh bestnyaa. Cant wait for it too. Ke sana jugak tahun depan untuk program u. Pray for me. Hihi