Mascara for beginners

By Sarah - August 13, 2017

Hello there welcome back to my blog, so it's been awhile yeah haha. so for today's post i would like to share few tips on how to apply mascara for beginners.

Mascara is the most important thing in doing makeup.. applying mascara can make your eyes look bigger and you loom prettier *winks  

1. so first thing you gonna do is find the right mascara~ mascara comes with different shades but mostly it's black and different mascara has different function.. example: thickens your eyelash, make your eyelash longer etc. i personally have more than 2 mascara because you gotta put on based on your mood haha.

2. next after you grab your fav mascara curl up your lashes girl~ curl them up. if you don't know how the curler looks like look at the image below :)

Image result for curler mascara

3. now.. open your mascara cap.. (bismillah dulu) when you pull out the wand the product will already be there.. so what you gonna do is place the wand on your eyelash based and pull slowly to the end of your lashes.

you gotta be careful while applying on mascara because the product can transfer to your eyelid or under you eyes if that happen.. grab a cotton bud and wipe it off. okay?

laaasstt but not least,, don't cry for boys when you have your mascara on because.....

so that's all.. if you have any question comment on the comment section or on the cbox okay~ and maybe i will update about my fav mascara in future~  see yaaaaa

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