lady with dignity
posted by Sarah April 05, 2017 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and hey dear readers. It's been awhile i've been soooo lazy to write. do you know how i feel? no? yes? lol. So based on the tittle it's look like i'm going to share with you guys something serious.. well.. yes i am. 

We ladies must have something to hold and defend. it is our dignity. but why? whyyyy? are girls nowadays are so desperate? they can't live without man. 
"Hey falling in love is not wrong" "I KNOOOWWW" i know peeps i know it is not wrong. but berdua duan with your boy 24/7 is not okay!  I can't brain this type of people.. seriously.. let's see this type of girl's schedule

  • wake up in morning "Morning sayang" -Text send
  • after texting they went to meet each other and lepak for 5 hours straight
  • then go home for awhile to take a bath and so on. p.s while texting their boi
  • after maghrib keluar balik nak jumpa lah. then lepak till 11 p.m / 10 p.m 
  • after balik rumah.. thought they were going to sleep. But then they start on call till midnight.

duhh girl... you have more precious thing to do in your life.. it's okay to fall in love, to be with someone you love but not 24 hours. What will people say when they keep seeing you around..lebih baik kawin la takde org nak fitnah and please if you ever in relationship don't forget your parents.. don't disappoint them.. they are more important.. who you are without your parents!? 

you can find other boyfriend if you lost one but if you lost your parents?.. think think think...

Then another type of girl... one month one boy. I just i don't know what to say to this type of girl... but i just want you to know... tak mati pun takde boyfriend. you know friendship worth more than your relationship unless you take it serious and you nak kawin.. then go on lah.  and to boys out there... if you really love someone take care of them don't ambil kesempatan je. 

ladies and gentleman,
just imagine la your sisters or your brother perangai mcm you and imagine  your kids later. haih don't you feel disappoint with your kids? maybe no...

so that's all for today's post.. remember be a lady with dignity it is priceless.. you can't buy it anywhere. 

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