One step away from depression

By Sarah - January 31, 2017

Hellooo there~ it's sarah typing again. Finally i'm on my sem break for 3 weeks. I've been through A LOT and it's finally ended!  I'm happy haha.

I've meet a few friends that suffer from depression. it's not like they want it.. it just happen. Depression is so tiring. To those who suffer from depression you have a chance to change and live a happy life. So here is a few tips to live a happy life even you are not depressed you still can read this.

  1. Find a supportive people or someone to rely on.- stay away from salty and bitter people lol
  2. be positive- i know its hard but you need to try ! you must try! whenever you feel down and things doesn't goes the way you want just be positive. nothing perfect in this world. "Everything happen for a reasons" believe in that!
  3. Take a break - go on holiday or just go jogging, free yourself and look around there is more wonderful thing in this world. 
  4. do something that make you feel good. for example listen to music, watch funny movies, play with pet.
life isn't full of cupcakes and rainbow but rainbows will appear after the rain so happiness sometime start with sadness /i don't know what i'm talking about. it just i feel like i want to bebel. 

i think that's all for this time. i hope it will help you a little this is one step away so i don't really have much to say. so hope you guys have a better day and thanks for reading.

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  1. hi sarah!

    one more, the most important tips, pls ignore what other people (especially haters or talam 10 muka) thinking bout u or talk bout u. hahaa. before, im always stress bc of 'em and then i took a decision want to ignore 'em. alhamdulillah thanks God, i feeeeeeel moooooore better and peace (even i lost a few of talam 10 muka's friends and i'm alone then) . hahaa. now im happy with my life (finally i left my university life bc i hv too -- pregnant). hee.

    btw, lets read my new entry . tysm boo :)