Update + 3rd sept

By Sarah - September 06, 2016

Hellllooooooowwww~ okay so it's been awhile. dayumm i'm so busy with college and the wifi ish suck. so i kinda miss  my blog. i wonder if anyone would still read my blog hah. k nevermind. so 3rd sept was my birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SAAARAAAHHHH. okay wish utk diri sndiri. this is my first time celebrating birthday without my family but! i celebrate with my new family in UNITEN.

If you guys don't know UNITEN KSHAH is located in Muadzam Shah Pahang and there are nothing here not even a Mall. so my friend and i decide to celebrate my birthday at Kuantan. and guess what. I DRIVEEEEE..~ngeee. cari nahas lah. hahaha that was my first time i drive after i got my licenses. nah i almost hit a lorry, i swear it was freaking scary.

I got peripera ink velvet (kinda liptint) from my housemate and a bracelet from my roomate. Peripera is famous for their lip tint and the one i got is super nice. if you want to know more i can do a review tho. i miss doing a review.

Final is coming i just freaking scareddd but i'll do my best oh btw i wrote this on 4th september but our wifi is broken so so so so huuuufffff

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