a month

By Sarah - June 26, 2016

Helllooooo~ it's been awhile since my last update. I've been busy with my University activities (lah sangat). I didn't update in awhile because the wifi is tooooo slow.. just recently the wifi connection getting better. Alhamdullilah..

so back to the tittle. a month... i've been in Muadzam shah pahang for one month. yeaaayyy.. so basically muadzam shah has nothing not even a single mall, no cinema. just nothing here.. the foods here are expensive. basically everything here is expensive i see no different living here and penang. but i believe staying here is the best for me to study.. I believe if i was in kl i spend more time at the shopping malls. hahaha..

so back to uni life. i met awesome and fantastic people who inspire me to do better in my studies and even to be a better human. i was totally a useless person in past but they change me.

I also are not up to date with any kpop comebacks or any kpop activities which make me kinda sad hahaha korban kan everything utk berjaya right? But!!!! since wifi getting better i have check out Sistar's comeback.. they are aweeeesoooommmeeeeee. hah. I'm very lucky to have kpop fans as my housemate. we literally fangirling together huahua they are awesome fangirl.

I guess that's all.. i really have no idea what to update. I update because i don't want my pwettyyy blog die. haha pwetty lah sgt. and yeah i can't wait for Raya holiday because i'll be homeeeeee.. finally.. yeashh. home sweet home. i can already imagine my room. okayy see ya bye muahhhhhhhhhh

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