Tutorial/Freebies request

By Sarah - March 14, 2016

Hellooo beautiful people~  
If you guys don't know in my last blog i do tutorial and freebies stuff.. but i delete them all.. well i'm so intelligent hahaha.. i do quite a lot of freebies.. i do headers , blogskin , cursor , banners and other stuff..  but mostly i done headers. yea haha..

for tutorial.. you can req anything i will try my best to help you okayy? /winks. So yes people i really hope someone do interest requesting freebies or tutorial from me.. or maybe you can ask me and random tips. i will do research and tell you.. i will do anything for my readers. you are awesome people who keep supporting me.. even though i only have 24 followers and a few amount of viewers. i'm still thankful at least someone read my blog... see ya in next post~

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  1. hi. I really need your help to change my post title. I've tried everything and did some research then apply to my blog but i didn't work. I hate my back plain post title :/

  2. @Claudy. Hi, are you using blogskin? i will try to help you~

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  4. @muhammad syahmi. thankyou for reading but i'm not farhanah haha

  5. err, not so sure. what's the difference between blogskin and normal one ?

  6. @claudia claudy. i guess you didn't use blogskin.. if you use blogskin you do the codes on classic templates. okay i will try to help you

  7. Really? Because I'm using classic templates. Thanks btw ☺️

  8. @claudia claudy . you're using classic templates? okay okay.. i'm done with the tuto you can check it out