How to put Background on post title

By Sarah - March 16, 2016

Hellloo~ This is my first tutorial in this blog.. Yeaayyy /claps.  Miss claudy requst me to the tutorial on how to put the background on post title.. so let's get started.

This tutorial is for blogskin / classic template

1. Open your template.
I'm sure all of you know right how to open the template.. then go straight to your codes..

This is how your template should look like.. 

2. Search[ .title {  ]
ctrl+ F to make your work easy. If you can't find that code try this one [   .post-title {    ]

after you found that place this code under that code just like my print screen.
background:url(URL Background); 

For Claudy she didn't need border because she already have it so i didn't give the code.. but for anyone want the border with background you can use this code :

padding: 0 3px 3px;
margin:1.5em 0 .75em;
border: 2px dashed #000000;
background-image:url(URL Background);
you can change the 2 with any size you like and the #000000 with any colour code.. where to find colour code? here or here

So yes people preview and save..
I'm so sorry for my english. ugh i hope it is understandable haha. see ya in next post~ muaahh / lol -..-

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  1. @claudy try this one .post h3 { or {

  2. found it! so i jsut change the background url?

  3. YEAY! IT WORKS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! but umm i have 1 more request but no need to do it now. i want to change my tab menu something like your? :)

  4. tab menu? well i use blogskin so it's a package but i will try to figure it out~