Girls Rights!

By Sarah - March 10, 2016

Hello pretty ladies. haha so tonight i came out with some random topic. actually i has been thinking what topic should i update today.. i'm not in mood to update beauty stuffs because i just update them yesterday.. kpop? i don't have topic so i choose this random topic. okay i need to stop this not so important intro.

So basically.. i'm the one who against the men who treated women like (insert any bad word you like).. It's like feminism but i'm not really feminism /wth. am i trying to saaayy hahaha.

What is Feminism?

The belief that men and women should be treated the same way and have equals right.. /cough. if i got it wrong please forgive me.. if you want to know more go on google haha

Girls is Strong 

- I really don't like when boys a.k.a gentleman keep saying "girls are so weak" "pempuan ni lembik ah".. excuse me gentlemaaannn! 

Yes, we women/girls/lady are weak physically but we are so damn strong mentally and we are not totally weak as you guys think... Please get ready to accept this fact...

1. Women can take care babies for 9 months in their tummy..
2. giving birth..the most painful things in the world. 
3. Do you think it's easy to walk with high heels? guys try to put them on and tell me.
4. menstrual cycle. duhhh
5. Putting on makeup.. if your make up fail you'll look like monster for entire day.
6. fighting with emotions. You are happy but suddenly you feel so sad in a sec you are mad. this is real.
7. etc etc etc

Girls if you agree please tell me if you don't.. don't bash me haha.. 

We- Girls.. need our rights. we didn't ask a lot. We just want a "Respect" and treat us with love and care. wahahaha okay ya guys that's all.... i'm just doing this post for fun. so don't take it serious.. see yaaaaa.. 

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