How to overcome insecurities

By Sarah - February 23, 2016

Helloooo peooplle~ it's me an alien who love earth / kidding. So today i want to share with all of you on How to stop being insecure.

Have you guys ever feel insecure because your friend is prettier than you? have you be insecure because your crush won't notice you?  If you do.. i will try to help you (insert a wink emoji) I'm not even pretty. nahh

1. Be More Confident

- You need to be confident! this is the important thing. Low self esteem = insecure. Always remind yourself "you can do it!"

- Make an eye contact with people. Don't be afraid to meet the gaze of someone else

- Always! keep your head high

2. Change your mindset

- If you ever feel insecure because someone else is better than you.. you must forget it. Every people have their own strength. Your friend might be good in academics but you are good in sport.. you need to list out what is your strength and work on them!

- If your crush won't notice you. forget him/her. Someone better is waiting for you~

3. Improve your image

- You need to be attractive. Put on some nice clothes, makeup and be clean

- Put on a smile, it will make you seem approachable

4. Love Yourself

-  Be you! Just because of your friends are something.. doesn't mean you need to change be like them

- Take time to know yourself. It's important to keep the insecurities away.

- Learn to love that you are unique

Yeah guyss i think that's all. I wish this can help you.. a bit. and don't let your insecurities eat you because we are amazing the way we are. byeee~

believe in yourself a little more. xoxo

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