10 days left~

By Sarah - February 21, 2016

helloooo everybodyy~ so this is my third post on 21st feb just few minute left to be 22nd feb haha.. so 10 days left? for what? kahwin? no laaa silly laa.. SPM RESULTS LAAA.. haih i kennot think straight right now.. i'm scared..

dear 98' batch~ i will pray for you guys to get an excellent results.. Insyallah~ we have done our best right? so no regrets. /eventhought i will- that's normal.

6 years on primary school~ i've learn how beautiful life is.. you know.. main je kerja.. then 5 years on high school. well last 2 years was the toughest for me. too many things i went through. i cried , laugh and sleep a lot.. but now i missed those time.. after spm, everyone is busy,, working and some other stuff.. i lost few friends.. they kept getting busy. what should i do??

but after this we will get into real life.. semua berpisah, we will learn how cruel life is haha.. i just hope every single of my classmate and my friends get good result~ which can make them happy.

and for me.. i hope i reach my target.. straight A's is nonsense puff~ add maths? hah haha. okayno.. i don't know what will happen next~ i just hope that i can make my parents proud.. that's all..

life is tough~

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